Glam Affair for Powder Pack - LeLutka edition

Hello hello!

We're super excited to be in Powder Pack for LeLutka!

You have just until the 31st  at midnight SLT to reserve your pack so hurry before it's too late!

Here's our  teaser:
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Glam Affair Team

Glam Affair - FLF & Lootbox

Hello sweet ladies and happy Friday!

It's another round for us at Fifty Linden Fridays and we have set out Adley, an applier for LeLutka bento and she will be up all weekend!

Adley for FLF is available only in America tone, and our customary 7 eyebrow options + a no brow version are available.

Come get your Adley, she comes in an adorable red lipstick (not removable) and her rosy cheeks are so pinchable!

Taxi to Glam Affair.


Glam Affair is part of Lootbox,  a fantaly gacha event with an added bonus! At Lootbox we bring you Amira, a dreamy cute face for Catwa's Lona head.

In Amira's gacha machine there's lots of items to be won! For starters the clean skin, in the following skintones: Africa, America, Artic, Asia, Europa, India and Polar, then there's 6 eyeshadow sets (each including 2 shades), a whopping 10 lipstick sets (with 2 shades each as well).

Rare is Amira in Jamaica, and the added bonus are the freckles layer and a fantasy themed eyeshadow set.

Come try your luck at LootBox!

Glam Affair @ Collabor 88 & Skin Fair!

Happy Saturday lovely ladies, we hope you're having a smashing weekend!

It's a busy busy beginning of March with Skin Fair opening and yet another fantastic round of Collabor 88, and we're super excited of being in both events.

At Collabor 88 we introduce two new faces for Catwa's newest Lona head, Reya and Clary.

Doe eyed Reya is the softest face of the two with the most delicate features, Clary has a stronger character with more pronounced facial contouring and shading.

Reya and Clary are both available in our 7 most popular skintones (Africa, America, Artic, Asia, Europa, India and Jamaica);  in every hud you will find 4 eyebrows colors + a no brow option.

But this is not all! We have also prepared 6 lipsticks sets for Catwa heads.

In each hud set of Chill Lipstick for Catwa you will find 4 glamorous and plump lipsticks, for a total of 24 brand new and fabulous shades!

Come check us out at Collabor 88!


We're very happy to be at Skin Fair once again this year, one of Second Life's most anticipated events.

This year we bring you two appliers for LeLutka's  heads, including Cate, a brand new Bento head debuting at Skin Fair.

Cate is a strong face with very definite features, bold eyebrows and soft plump lips, Amaya is a more ethnic skin with soft Asian features and a delicate button nose.

Cate and Amaya come in our standard 10 skintones and in both applier huds you will find 7 eyebrow colors + a no brow option, 8 fabulous lipsticks and 8 brighly colored eyeshadows to match.

Tp to Skin Fair.

Adley for Uber

Adley is our newest applier for LeLutka's Chloe available at this round of Uber.

Super cute, and doll-faced, Adley is available in our standard 10  skintones.

In Chloe's hud you will find 7 eyebrows colors + a no brow option and  a range of 8 juicy lipsticks and 8 colorful eyeshadows to match.

Come check her out at Uber!

Chloe for LeLutka Bento Head

LeLutka just released their second Bento mesh head, Chloe and we're proud to present our newest skin by the same name.

Glam Affair is the default skin on LeLutka's Chloe but we have a full line available at LeLutka's store with many different options.

Chloe is a soft yet powerful face with perfect contouring and she's available in our 10 standard skintones.

In Chloe's hud you will find 7 eyebrows colors + a no brow option and  a range of 8 luxurious lipsticks and 8 stylish eyeshadows to match.

We have also set out some new eyeshadows and lipsticks appliers sets for LeLutka's Bento heads at the LeLutka mainstore!

Two eyeshadow sets each containing 8 different eyeshadow colors and styles, from sultry to dramatic.

Then there's a whopping 5 new lipsticks sets in several different textures and bright colors, from matte to glossy, from dark to pastels.

There's tons of different options to choose from, come visit LeLutka mainstore and try Chloe!

Glam Affair February 2017 releases

Hello lovely ladies, we're back again with our releases bulletin!!

Glam Affair has placed more appliers for Simone Bento out at LeLutka's mainstore, let's take a look!

Camilla & Luminay are two brand new doll faces who will make your head spin.

They both come in our standard 10 skintones, and each applier includes:
7 eyebrow colors + a no brow option
8 lipsticks
8 eyeshadows

Always at LeLutka's mainstore we have released a wide range of eyeshadow and lipsticks in happy spring colors, we're sure you will love them all!

There's 4 lipsticks and eyeshadow sets with 8 brilliant colors each, the possibilities are countless!

Come check them out at LeLutka!

We're back at Collabor88 with our monthly appointment and we have two new beauties for you,
Angelina for LeLutka and Minerva for Catwa.

Minerva applier for Catwa is a classical fresh faced beauty you'll immediately fall for:

She comes in 7 skintones and each applier has 4 eyebrows colors + a no brow option.

Angelina applier for LeLutka is a more strong look with very distinctive features:

She comes in our standard 10 skintones, and each applier includes:
7 eyebrow colors + a no brow option
8 lipsticks
8 eyeshadows

Tp to Collabor88

For all the Gacha Lovers out there, The Gacha Garden is back and we're offering Kiko, an applier for Catwa mesh heads.

There's 12 commons + two rares to win in 7 different makeups and skintones.

Tp to the Gacha Garden

Glam Affair this month is part of a new and fun event called "REWIND: A 90's Throwback Event" and we're offering lots and lots of colorful lipsticks and eyeshadows appliers for Catwa in perfect 90s style!

There's 5 lipsticks sets each containing 4 funky colors and 6 eyeshadow sets with 4 different shadows.

Come visit us @ Rewind

Last but not least we're also at this month's Enchantment event that is Cinderella themed.

We bring you Colette a romantic face for Catwa.

Colette is available in 7 skintones and each applier has 4 eyebrows colors + a no brow option.

Available separately we have also 12 juicy Princess Lipsticks for Colette!

Tp to Enchantment!

Glam Affair @ FLF Jan 27th & past event skins out at satellite store

Glam Affair has released two new skin appliers for LeLutka's Simone bento and Catwa for FLF!

Hanna for LeLutka comes in the Asia tone and 4 brows + a no brows option are available on the hud.
Natalia for Catwa comes in the Jamaica tone and also in this case 4 brows + a no brows option are available on the hud.
Please note that skins are as shown in the vendor images and makeup and/or lipstick options cannot be removed.

Tp to Glam Affair


We have also updated our satellite store with more skins from previous events, here's our latest additions:

Georgie for LeLutka

Kat for LeLutka

Lilo for Catwa

Natalia for Catwa

Tp to our satellite store!

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